2019. A year of victory.

It was a Parisian night in June of 2011 that I knew I was called to fight suicide. I had no vision for what it would look like then, but as the years passed it became more and more clear, and honestly the clarity it still coming. Here we are in January of 2020, just over two years since Address Pending Co.’s launch. The days spent between 2011 and 2017 were filled with guided learning.

I graduated with a degree in apparel merchandising and began my fashion career in Houston, Texas at the end of 2012 were I had landed a position in retail. By the fall of 2013 I was scooped up to travel and work in the wholesale sphere and during the fall of that next year I was presented an opportunity to work in e-commerce. I think back on the days and am encouraged by all the Lord did for me, preparing me for the call that I am now walking. In the spring of 2016 granted by the Lord, I left e-commerce for a position on the sales floor of a lovely boutique. That first summer I experienced some of the greatest growth in spiritual maturity, I was humbled and my confidence in my faith and trust were spurred. By the end of the summer of that next year Address Pending Co. was ready for launch and in August of 2017 we did just that.

Our first months of business were good. I remember looking at our Balance Sheet in January of 2018 and celebrating that we had made it to the black. I went to Whole Foods that night to buy champagne and cheesecake to come home and celebrate on the sofa of the best little house in Montrose. Even still, that year of 2018, my income came from that lovely boutique. In the fall of that year, I knew a shift was coming and on January 30 2019, I had my last day in Houston. As I headed home from work tears fell from my cheeks in awe of all that had happened in the years prior. I was leaving a comfortable place, wonderful friends and people I dearly loved to step into something completely unknown. As I pulled up to my house for the last time, I was greeted by family and friends who had loaded my belongings and were ready to say goodbye over pizza. Just after that, I followed my dad’s packed trailer to I-10 West bound. That night was spent in Lexington, Texas and by mid-day following, I had moved into a single bedroom in my sister’s house in San Antonio.

2019 held an unbelievable about of faith growing, stretching, trust and obedience. All to say, it was one of the best years of my life. With my new schedule, I was able to hang out with my nieces and nephews more, spend time with my grandma and welcome my new baby niece into the world. I was able to visit my mother in Anchorage, brother in St. Louis and celebrate my birthday in Big Bend. I was able to cultivate friendships with my new neighbors and in my new expanded community as well. I took up Spanish and a little gardening. Vision would slowly come for Address Pending Co. but the reality was, my focus was pointed elsewhere. In the last quarter of 2019, I was free to fully focus on the company and as we step into 2020, we are confident in all that will come. Confident that Christ is the way-marker, confident in the authority that I carry, confident that there is more vision to be had.

In 2020, Address Pending Co. will sustain me and others. We look forward to the year ahead; and are thankful for the year we leave behind.


  • Gabby!! Oh what God is working and doing In you and through your is amazing!!! A planting of the Lord for the display of HIS Splendor!!! Excited to see how God will use you and Bless you this year! Love you!

    Jenny McClendon
  • Gabriella,
    I am so proud of all your accomplishments! You are such an inspiring young woman and I pray that God will continue to lead you into this new venture! Godspeed!😃

    Cheryl Olsen
  • Would love to sit down with you. You seem to have found the narrow path that leads to Glory

    Helen Bartholomee
  • What a rich young woman you are in all that is true riches! Fighting the darkness and winning. I love addresspendingco, praying for it and super excited to see where the Lord leads! I love you dear friend!

    Cathy Lyons Frank

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