(be) PRSNT.

Christian Talavera introduced himself to us this fall and in his introduction exclaimed how moved he was by what APCo. was doing. We were stoked by the encouragement and interested to hear his story. Talavera leads the band, PRSNT and as we heard the lyrics of “Stay for the Party” we knew we needed to sit and talk. He is strong in will and open in content. He writes from the heart and is focused on the next generation. We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to recording artist, Christian Talavera.  

APCo: Chris, hi! We’re so excited to sit down and connect. Thank you for your time. We’re well aware of what you’re doing now know but we’re curious, what did you want to be when you were a child?

Chris: I wanted to join the air force when I was a wee-lad.  

APCo: That’s pretty noble. You’ve now started a band. PRSNT. Tell us a little bit about the band- 

Chris: Started in 2018, December 12. The band had been in the back of my mind for a long time. The writing comes from life experiences.

APCo: I so believe in the value of writing from the heart. Thanks for being open to sharing your story. What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made in starting the band?

Chris: I was in a metal-band before starting PRSNT. I think the biggest sacrifice was, letting go of the former and starting my own project. I was over there ten years.  

APCo: Super tough; proud of you. I understand you write the music, lyrics, melody, etc. What’s the writing process look like? Is there a process?

Chris: The writing process can happen anywhere – (pulls out voice-memos, and scrolls down.) It’ll just drop. Either little ideas or a big melody. Most of the songs start with a melody. “Stay for the Party” came in one night and the music video was made two weeks later.

APCo: That’s a real gift. When did “Stay for the Party” hit steaming platforms?

Chris: October 11. You can find it on iTunes and Spotify.

APCo: What’s the song mean to you? 

Chris: Lyrically to me it means that it’s not worth it to just give it all up even if life’s a bit rough at the moment or even if it’s a built feeling. We have people and resources around us willing to help.

APCo: Truth! In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?

Chris: Perspective of where I am in life and all the things that I have been through, it’s not that bad in that moment. There’s still water in the well.

APCo: What is one thing you are really enjoying about life right now in this moment? 

Chris: One thing I’m enjoying about life? That I am done with partying and wasting nights.

APCo: Which of your traits are you most proud of?

Chris: Recently I am just starting to be more myself. Me and my fiancé are the weirdest couple and bringing the way we act out into the world.

APCo: Weird is rad. What does the world need more of? Less of?

Chris: The world needs more people who are not scared to speak their truth. Less?... Road-rage. You’re going to get there. Just chill out.

APCo: Good thoughts. What’s the first thing you do every morning that starts your day on the right foot? 

Chris: Praying and saying a little mantra of where I want to be. Just starting out thankful.

APCo: My man. What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Chris: That now I can bring everything that I have grown up with to the forefront and just, helping others too. My groove – you know?

APCo: The groove. Yes, we do know. Thanks for sharing. Okay, last question- APCo. is working towards inspiring a generation to look past themselves and into the bigger picture. The picture of life, of engagement, of conversation. What does that mean to you?

Chris: I have been telling a lot of my friends that I am excited for this new generation of people that are coming up because I feel like we’re going to be the ones to speak to our younger generation – we did not have much of that because maybe it was taboo – I’m excited for this new wave and for me it’s speaking through music.

APCo: Totally. Anything else you want to share? 

Chris: Consistency is key. I am going to be successful on my own terms and I think consistency is going to show.

APCo: Well right on. We wish you the best in all things!! 


Christian Talavera is the creator of the band PRSNT. He is musically gifted and a treat to sit with. He can be found on Instagram at: @Chrisstalavera. His band PRSNT can be found on Instagram at: @weareprsnt, Facebook at @theprsnt and Twitter at @weareprsnt. His music can be found on iTunes and Spotify by searching Prsnt.


*photo credited to @drianbamon


  • I am super proud of my nephew, he has been through so much throughout his childhood, but my Chris cross is a fighter. He has accomplished many things that he has set his mind to and will continue to do so, his grandmother Melba has been his guardian angel at all times, and she is incredibly proud of him and his accomplishments. Chris has always had that musical talent in him ever since he was a baby. He would forever sing with me a song by Linda Ronstadt named La Charreada his favorite part was when she sang “Yupa Yupa Yu.” I will always be his number one supporter and his number one fan. Love you, my Chris Cross.

    Leslia Ayala
  • Hello,

    I’m extremely proud of Christian his band and all accomplishments thus far. I met Christian when he was 2 and remain in his family til thus day. His parents are my best friends of 29 years. Christian was and always will be a fighter, realist amazing young man! I love you and all your beautiful fluid words! Live, Auntie Dar

    Darlene munoz

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