Hope. Claim it.

Was pondering about hope earlier. It’s a big piece of what we stand for and believe it’s important to proclaim. At times, it can be hard to hope and as I thought about the challenge, was brought back to a series of memories from fall 2018. It was September of that year that I felt I was being called to a new city and was nominally thrilled. It’s funny to think about now, though truly in those few weeks, I spent more time weeping than I did in joy. I remember talking to a dear friend about it – and she said, Gabs, I want you to consider writing a list of what you’re hopeful for in the new city. It was so simple, as soon as I started proclaiming what I was hopeful for in the move- hope and joy returned as reality.

We want to encourage you today, that if you are in a state of “nominally thrilled”, take some time, go sit down and write a list of what you are hopeful for. Perhaps consider hopes you have for your family, your future, your city, your friends – there’s major opportunity for a shift – you simply have to claim it.

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