SPOTLIGHT - Charlie Harris

Charlie Harris’ photo was one from a lot that jumped out to us. He owns the face on our life. tee. It was an easy choice to place the text "life." under his joy filled eyes. We recently had the idea of interviewing Charlie to learn about life from his perspective. We’re glad to introduce you to the boy in front of the camera, Charlie Harris.

APCO: When we first got in touch with each other, how old were you? Do you remember?

Charlie:  I was around nine years old.

APCo: Nine years young! I appreciate your boldness at that age to allow us to use a picture of you to help speak to life and life abundant. We so believe in the beauty of life here at APCo. and your partnership really has moved mountains. Now how old were you when the life. tee photo was taken? Any memories from that? 

Charlie: Between six and seven. I was in Sedona on a family trip.

APCo: So fun!! That ice cream must have been a sweet treat while in the Arizona heat!! Though now I suppose you’re used to it living there. With that, what year are you in school?

Charlie: Sixth grade.

APCo: Right on. Favorite subject?

Charlie: Science.

APCo: Groovy! Experiments – theories – creation. All things I really like about science. Glad you enjoy! As a student, what do you like about your teachers?

Charlie: That they help me succeed in school. 

APCo:  I love that. Teachers hold such value in helping those under them soar. Now, two questions in one, what’s your favorite book? And are you reading anything currently?

Charlie: Favorite - Big Nate. I’m currently reading Diary of a Whimpy Kid the Last Straw.

APCo: I have not heard of Big Nate – might have to check it out! And that Diary of a Whimpy Kid series, I understand it’s pretty popular. Reading is so good for the brain. Okay, school is great, but what do you do for fun??

Charlie: For fun I play basketball. I play on a club team called AZ Fire and I also play at my neighborhood park. I also like playing with friends.

APCo: Shooting hoops. Straight up! And FRIENDS!! A good segue. Charlie, what does it mean to be a good friend?

CharlieTo be helpful and to listen. 

APCo: Yes, I agree! I imagine you’re that and more to your friends. Now tell us, is there somebody in your life that truly inspires you? A role-model perhaps? 

Charlie: My mom and dad and Steph Curry. They help me with life skills and b-ball skills!

APCo: Go brother! It’s a gift to have solid parents and too, solid role models. Steph Curry is awesome and from what I’ve read he appreciates his parents as well. I appreciate his humility and humbleness. I love what I’ve heard about his work ethic too. What do you really love about yourself? Ie what traits of yours are you most proud of?

Charlie: I am loyal and really nice!

APCo: It’s important for us to take an introspective look at ourselves every once in a while. Favorite dessert?

Charlie: Chocolate chip cookies!

APCo: What is one thing you are really enjoying about life right now in this moment?

Charlie: Being on a club basketball team again.  

APCo: Ah! Right on! Proud of you in that. Charlie, so glad you’re here; thanks for your time and thanks also for your support. Glad to partner together. You're crushing it!


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • How cool!!!!

    A kid who enjoys life and is always smiling.

    Way to go Charlie!


  • Charlie, this is awesome. So proud of you.

    Pat Wrenn
  • Charlie is always looking out for others and working hard to better himself. On and off the court. He’s a gifted athlete…and just a cool dude in general 😎 He’s the best bro a bro could ask for and I can’t wait to see him next month!!

    Jacob H.
  • So proud of you, Charlie! You are everything you said you are and much much more!

    Phyllis Nuccio

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