The below was written by Alyson Melin. A dear friend and the vision behind the support. tees. Alyson, we are so thankful for you! You're a wild and radiant light - we appreciate your encouragement, always. 

I met Gabriella right around the time she launched APCo., a company built on the same qualities which shape her as a friend. Our friendship grew over long walks which led to the birth of this collaboration.

I work in healthcare and, on a regular basis, witness women cutting one another down. Unfortunately, this behavior is not unique to my profession but instead is pervasive in our society, from young girls to older women. I asked myself: why do we do this to one another? I am sure the reason is multifactorial but at the end of the day we do not make ourselves better by trying to make others look worse. More important than the cause, what is the solution?

It is nearly impossible to change the behaviors of others. Ultimately, the only person you are in control of is yourself and the choices you make.

So choose to be the very best version of yourself. 

Choose to be respectful of your fellow females.

Choose to eliminate jealously and ego from your daily intentions.

Choose to hold one another accountable with positive motivation.

Choose to lift each other through failures. 

Choose to celebrate each other’s successes.

So these T shirtswhether you wear one or simply see onelet it serve as a simple yet powerful reminder to do just that, and make a conscious choice to be supportive of your fellow female.



  • An issue in this day and age that I wish wasn’t one! Thank you for speaking so candidly about to. Well done!

  • Amen! Kudos to you ladies! 😘💪

  • I think it’s greaf. I sent this story to several friends who have also been talking about this subject. It’s sad when women treat each other poorly or are too busy competing or one upping or whatever to be rude. I see it all the time. Supporting each other is what it’s all about. Kudos to getting it out there yo discuss !😊

    Jenny Harris

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