Thanksgiving 2019.

It’s nine minutes til ten and thought it’d be wise to write; it is thanksgiving and this morning I had full intention. Greeting from St. Louis! As I start to wind down from the day, I reflect on all I’m thankful for. This is a practice for me – but today it’s almost a duty to pen it. Thankfulness, a heart posture to live out of; easier said than done sometimes, though definitely worth the practice. I could write a novel, it’s been a solid year. I’ll save you the details, and highlight a few. What am I thankful for? So much! And you’re a part of it. I’m thankful to do what I love, put out content that I believe in and for the ability to be authentic. I’m thankful for a community that calls me out and builds me up. I am thankful for a car, a bed, running water. I’m thankful to live in a nation that allows me to practice my faith openly and freely. I’m thankful for family and for friends and for memories I can look back on and smile. I live a good life y'all- thankful for it! 

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