Sit in a coffee shop for most of the day and you'll see all sorts of people. A man in a full three-piece suit, a plumber grabbing lunch with his sister, young minds studying, typing away. Meetings happening, those simply reading, one gentleman sorting through his mail. Others too, and I have to say, it's a beautiful thing. It truly is a beautiful thing, seeing people. My mind can't help but wonder how each is doing. How many need to hear some truth in this four room coffee shop? I can't very well pull a "stand on the couch and exclaim "You're worth it" type stunt". But I can write it.

So, for those of you reading, hear this: You're worth it. You are worth it. You're worth more than all of gold. If you need help seeing that, ask. If you simply need a reminder, here it is: the light you bring to the world is yours alone, you are valuable, you are cherished, you are beautiful and you're worth it.

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  • Boy are we on the same page. That’s why I know everyone in my local coffee shop just about. We all have a story. These people are my every day life now. They are all worth it and we do life together in the mornings with m paint clothes on talking …..❤️❤️❤️ On my way soon after I drop Charlie off !

    Jenny Harris

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