The Man Behind the Love.

When we first saw the masterpiece, we knew Address Pending Co. had to have it. Not but a few days later, we learned who the artist was. Zackary Ballinger: creative, ingenious, style-extraordinaire...and that was all noted from afar. We met him the following week, a coffee shop that held the feel of Southwest Texas, right at home for both of us. We came with the hope he might be willing to print us tees – we left knowing we had a new friend in town. We’re so thankful to know him, he is kind, with an easy ear and conversation just flows. We want y’all to know him too- here’s the interview with the artist, Zackary Ballinger.

APCo: Zac, we clearly love the tee. How’d you come up with the art?

Ballinger: It was an honest doodle and people said they would buy it if it was on a t-shirt.

APCo: Straight to the point. An easy creation. What has been the best piece of creative advice you’ve been given to date?

Ballinger: When I was in university, a professor told the class one day to try and make the work you want by using the situation you are in. Dreaming is good but it could limit you from the moment you are in, by believing the grass is always greener on the other side. It really gave me freedom of making work within my means.

APCo: Oh, I love that. Dreaming is good but it could limit you from the moment you’re good, just had to say it again. What is your favorite thing about the work you do?

Ballinger: The initial spark. When a new idea comes up and learning about thought process and not being frustrated about lack of creativity

APCo: Nice. What does success mean to you?

Ballinger: I’m still growing in that. Right now I feel that it’s having a vision and seeing it come to reality.

APCo: Right on! That’s success alright. As you know, Address Pending Co. is working towards inspiring a generation to look past themselves and into the bigger picture. The picture of life, of engagement, of conversation. What does that mean to you?

Ballinger:  I feel that all the pain I’ve gone through will help others not need to go through it and it’s really cool that my creative work is an outlet for that avenue.

APCo: What does the world need more of? Less of?

Ballinger: Identity. Comparison.  

APCo: Agreed. What sparks joy in you?

Ballinger: The idea of being a father.

APCo: Stop. So good. What would you say one of your most favorite things about life it?

Ballinger: Soul wealth. Recognizing and being aware of moments money can't buy. For me it would be on the lines of laughing with friends until it hurts, a dinner with loved ones when the conversations last for hours into the night, the moment during and after a hard workout in the gym, the feeling of looking at a photo and you just want to bite it because it so captivating. 

APCo: Soul wealth baby! ..Zac, we so appreciate your time. Thanks for the work and thanks for being here. Keep going, keep doing.


Zackary Ballinger has an entrepreneurial spirit. We’ve seen his work – and so have you in the love. tee. He’s much more than a printmaker, though we’re thankful he holds that gift; Zackary is a director, photographer, designer. If you need visual media please reach out to him at Follow him on Instragram at: @zackary.jpeg.

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