Address Pending Co.

To say something is pending is to say something is supposed to happen; that it hasn't happened yet and that is exactly what we believe. We believe your story is always pending. Congruently so is your address. An address designates a location: a place of activity, of settlement, or of position. Your address is pending.  The best day of your life, it's pending. Your greatest success, pending. Things are going to happen. Your story is going to continue. There will be landmarks. There will be victories, joys and smiles. The best is pending. Keep going, because the best in life, it hasn't yet happened. 

Our mission is simple. Address Pending Co. aims to inspire a generation to look past themselves and into the bigger picture. The picture of life, of engagement, of conversation. Each purchase of Address Pending Co. merchandise results in a proceed sharing donation to an organization rooted in suicide prevention. 

Thank you for being with us.